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Treatment of all matters in which the dominant factors are the fundamental developments, design, and certain applications of magnetic devices. This includes consideration of materials and components as used therein, standardization of definitions, nomenclature, symbols, and operating characteristics; and exchange of information as by technical papers, conference sessions, and demonstrations.
The Magnetic Materials Producers Association (MMPA) is the trade association representing manufacturers of finished permanent magnets or soft magnetic products. Founded in 1959, the MMPA is dedicated to educating users and purchasers on appropriate applications for magnetic material. 
Founded in 1901, NIST is a non-regulatory federal agency within the U.S. Commerce Department's Technology Administration. NIST's mission is to develop and promote measurements, standards, and technology to enhance productivity, facilitate trade, and improve the quality of life.
The UK Magnetics Society is an autonomous body with an elected management committee and a formal Constitution. There are no geographical restrictions on membership and each application will be considered for approval by the management committee.
The Magnet Distributors & Fabricators Association (MDFA) is the national trade association representing companies which both distribute permanent magnet materials and fabricate magnetic devices.  MDFA was formed in 1991 to promote magnet user acceptance of distributors and fabricators, to conduct marketing efforts on behalf of the industry, and to provide educational opportunities for members and their employees.


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